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Heavy Duty Folding Dog Ramp | Portable Lightweight Pet Ramp

Heavy Duty Folding Dog Ramp | Portable Lightweight Pet Ramp

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Heavy Duty Folding Dog Ramp | Portable Lightweight Pet Ramp 

This heavy duty folding dog ramp makes loading and unloading your pet from your vehicle much more effortless. It's ideal for smaller or senior pets with difficulty hopping into your car. It is also great for anyone unable to lift their pet. 

Heavy Duty Folding Dog Ramp | Portable Lightweight Pet Ramp

Our portable pet ramp is the best way to ensure your beloved pets don't feel left out of family life, even if they're too old, injured or little to get around. It lets your pet climb into the car, onto your couch, bed, or everywhere without you straining to pick them up every time.   

Heavy Duty Folding Dog Ramp

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it has nonskid sandpaper to provide excellent traction for scampering paws. It's lightweight and portable, making it ideal for taking everything from holidays to vet trips and park visits. It supports pets small to big pets weighing up to 200 Lbs.

Portable Lightweight Pet Ramp

Features of Heavy Duty Folding Dog Ramp | Portable Lightweight Pet Ramp:

  • LIGHT WEIGHT & HEAVY DUTY: It can hold over 200LBs, and provides a safe walking surface for even the most giant dogs.
  • RUBBER FEET: The rubber grippers keep the stable ramp while in use and provide ultra safety for your pets in slippery places.
  • TRACTION: The High Traction Walking Surface provides a textured surface that is similar to truck beds and skateboards to help prevent slips; perfect for older pets or pets with mobility issues
  • GUIDE RAIL: Rails on both sides help your pet feel more secure when walking up and down the ramp.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE: Use mild detergent or hose off is easy to clean
  • INTIMATE DESIGN: The ramp can fold in half for easy carrying and storage. Indentions beneath the railing provide a convenient handle; a safety release latch helps prevent accidental opening.
  • FOLDABLE AND STRETCHABLE: You can fold it for a short step and stretch it for longer steps.                                                                                                       


  • Color: Black
  • Material: PP + anti-skid sandpaper
  • Dimensions:31"x 16" x 7"(L x W x T)
  • Unfolded Dimensions:61" x 15.5" x 6.2" (L x W x T)
  • Max capacity:200 LBs
  • Net weight: 9 lbs
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