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Soft Cute Cat Cave Bed Washable Warm Shark Dog Bed

Soft Cute Cat Cave Bed Washable Warm Shark Dog Bed

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Soft Cute Cat Cave Bed Washable Warm Shark Dog Bed

The Soft Cute Cat Cave Bed is made with 100% non-toxic, high-quality materials to ensure complete safety and comfort for your pets! We carelessly craft our beds to be ultra soft while remaining durable to survive any wear and tear your lovely cat/dog might throw at them.


Soft Cute Cat Cave Bed

Our Washable Warm Shark Dog Bed is crafted with the most delicate and durable cotton material and stitched to perfection to make an adorable and stylish shark cat bed. The internal bed is also made of fine plush fiberfill material that your pet will love sleeping on! They will surely love the calming feeling of being inside the shark bed.


Washable Warm Shark Dog Bed

The lovely shark-shaped is suitable for drawing your pet's attention and decorating your house! It adopts the most delicate fabric, which has a comfortable hand feeling and is non-toxic. Features a cave-like bed with its soft fleece, small and enclosed space meets privacy, hideaway, and makes your kittens feel warm and secure.


Soft Cute Shark Cat Cave Bed

A non-slip bottom design can keep the bed to stay in place firmly. High-quality PP cotton, good elasticity, and no deformation, even if you wash it from time to time. The cushion can be removed for easy maintenance keeping the cat bed clean and hygienic.

Non-Slip Soft Cute Cat Cave Bed
The cute shark pet bed is a perfect gift for your friends, colleagues, family, or loved ones. An ideal present for any occasion.
We offer different colors and sizes so you can choose the perfect and preferred color for your lovely pets. 

Features of Soft Cute Cat Cave Bed Washable Warm Shark Dog Bed:

  • HIGH-QUALITY PLUSH MATERIAL: Ensure pets feel warm and comfortable lying on it
  • NON-SLIP BOTTOM: It is waterproof, wear-resistant, and durable, which makes it used for a long time
  • SHARK SHAPE DESIGN: Cute and funny design that can attract your pets
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Easy to move and take it anywhere
  • COLLAPSIBLE: You can store it when not in use
  • CUSHIONED BED: Provides a perfect place for your pet to rest.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: You can wash it easily to keep it clean and fresh at all times.


  • Color: Grey/Blue
  • Material: Ultra-Soft Fabric
  • Weight:410g/520g/800g
  • Applies to: Cats/small dogs/Chihuahua
  • Product Includes:
  • Shark Cat Bed
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