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Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights | Diamond Shape Solar Lights (6 Pcs)

Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights | Diamond Shape Solar Lights (6 Pcs)

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Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights |  Diamond Shape Solar Lights (6 Pcs)

These beautiful waterproof outdoor solar lights add aesthetics to your warm garden and yard while providing brightness to your surroundings. The solar wall lights can be installed on the deck, post fence, backyard, door, garage, wall, stairs, patio, and other positions where you prefer to have some lights.

Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights

The crystal clear diamond solar deck lights mimic diamond cutting, which is a beautiful garden decoration. When night comes, it shins like brilliant diamonds. Create a romantic atmosphere for your interior and exterior.

Diamond Shape Solar Lights (6 Pcs)

The solar fence lights light up automatically in the evening to fill our yard with love. It will automatically go off during the day and start to absorb sunlight to charge the battery (4-5 hours in summer, 8-9 hours in winter), and can work 8-9 hours at night with full-charged.

Waterproof Fence Solar Lights

Products come with screws and anchors. Just hang the solar-powered deck lights on the screws outdoors with direct sunshine—no confusing wires, simple installation, done within a few minutes.

Diamond Shape Solar Lights (6 Pcs)

Features of  Diamond Shape Solar Lights (6 Pcs):

  • WEATHER RESISTANT + ACRYLIC: Ensures the durability of the product. It's specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. 
  • DIAMOND DESIGN: The solar deck lights look gorgeous in the daytime. The golden LED light sparkles when it is dark, ideal for outdoor decoration.
  • 2 BRIGHT LED: It radiates like a diamond and casts lovely patterns. 10-lumen brightness is great outdoor security night light to brighten your garden, deck, step, fence, wall, patio, etc.
  • AUTO ON -OFF: The solar fence lights absorb solar energy in the daytime and convert the power to the built-in 600mAh battery (included), turning on themselves automatically at night.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Products come with screws and anchors—no confusing wires, simple installation, done within a minute.


  • Lamp body size: W: 3.81 D: 2.10 H: 4.72 inches
  • Rod/ground insert: None
  • LED: 2 x 0.5W 32835 patch LED
  • Solar panels: Amorphous silicon 51.4-66.3-4mmX1 panels (4 panels)
  • Battery: a 400mAh (printed 600) 1.2V NI-CD battery
  • Material/color: ABS high-gloss black + transparent PG33
  • Lampshade/reflector: PG33 clear and transparent diamond-shaped lampshade + reflector
  • Switch: insulation sheet
  • Lumens: 7 lumens
  • Light color: warm white
  • Charging capacity: Charging in sunlight for 5~6 hours

Package Includes:

  • 6 outdoor solar step lights
  • 12 Anchors
  • 12 Screws
  • User Menu.
  • With 1.2V/600mAh NI-MH battery built-in.
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