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Waterproof RV Trailer Camper Cover, Motorhome Storage Cover

Waterproof RV Trailer Camper Cover, Motorhome Storage Cover

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Waterproof RV Trailer Camper Cover,  Motorhome Storage Cover

Give the protection that your motorhome deserves!

This waterproof RV travel trailer cover keeps your motor vehicles in good condition in the different seasons. The heavy-duty motor home cover protects the exterior of your RV from wearing even with constant contact with extreme heat and UV.

Waterproof RV Trailer Camper Cover

The upgraded fabric is extra thick 4-ply 160gsm non-woven fabric mixed with anti-UV Composite and waterproof membrane that resists strong sunlight and heavy rain keeping your camper dry at all times. It provides top to bottom protection to your motor vehicles. Vehicle Storage Motorhome Cover

The non-woven fabric side protects against rain, snow, tear, and scratches, ensuring unmatched protection for your RV. It comes with a section that can be rolled up to give you easy access to go inside your RV. 

Waterproof RV Trailer Camper Cover Vehicle Storage Motorhome Cover
We offer 4 different sizes (14-16ft, 16-18ft, 18-20ft, 20-22ft). You can choose the perfect cover to protect your RV, trailer, and camper.

Features of Waterproof RV Trailer Camper Cover: 

  • WEATHERPROOF COVER: An ultimate protection for your RV, camper, and trailer against rain, snow, tear, and scratches.
  • WINDPROOF COVER: There are 4 straps and buckles on the bottom to fix the cover securely and prevent it from blowing away by the wind. The reinforced 4 corners ensure an excellent fit to protect the whole cover from damage.
  • VENTILATED WINDOWS ON EACH SIDE: Reduce wind stress and vent inside moisture.
  • SMOOTH ZIPPERS ON BOTH SIDES: Allow you access to the door at will, making it easy to view and check the internal situations.
  • SILVER REFLECTIVE STRIPS IN FRONT AND REAR SIDE: Make your RV visible and safe to avoid collisions at night and on foggy days.


  • Top Cover Material: 4-ply 160gsm Non-Woven Fabric
  • Side Cover Material: 100gsm Non-Woven Fabric
  • Color: Deep Gray
  • Suitable for: Travel Trailer
  • Size: Travel Tailor Length and Product Dimensions
  • 14-16ft, 16'L x 105"W x 108"H
  • 16-18ft, 18'L x 105"W x 108"H
  • 18-20ft,  20'L x 105"W x 108"H
  • 20-22ft, 22'L x 105"W x 108"H

Package includes:

  • 1 x Trailer Cover

1 . Please measure your trailer before ordering.
2. If RV length is close to the edge of the size range, please choose the larger size for the best fit. For example, if your length is 20ft, please choose 22'Lx 105" W x 108"H.

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